Focus-on-Foto-Fun “Texture Adds Interest”

Theme Number Ten is “Texture Adds Interest”

Texture in a photograph can draw the viewer into the scene because it allows them to engage the subject with more than just the visual sense. It adds another layer of interest beyond light, color, and composition. Texture in a photograph also makes a 2D photograph appear more 3D, and can elicit emotion which helps the viewer connect more deeply with what the photograph conveys. Depending on the scene, it can make them feel moody, melancholy, or full of life.

When photographing landscapes, the photographer can bring out the texture in an image by making it black and white, and/or by making certain the light is hitting the subject at an angle so the shadows it creates make the texture stand out.

Detail is very important when photographing textures, so in addition to paying attention to lighting, your depth of field will help accentuate the texture. For instance, think of food photography. You will want to shoot close enough that when the viewer sees the food, they can almost taste it. If part of the dish is out of focus, it might not look as delectable, so you will want to use a larger f/stop (or smaller aperture) to ensure it’s in focus throughout the scene. In another instance, you might be focusing on the texture of a plant or flower, and you’ll want the background blurry in order to make the subject stand out. It’s no different than making a portrait at this point; keep the lighting natural and coming from the side instead of flooding the scene, and use a smaller f/stop (or wide open aperture) to keep your subject in focus while the background is faded and/or out of focus.

 Play around with finding textures that speak to you, and zoom in to capture the detail. Instead of photographing the entire old rusty car, find an area on the car where you see the whole scene in the element of texture. You can do this with old houses that are crumbling and falling down, the bark of a tree trunk, or a corner of a painted door on a house. Use your imagination, and make certain when you zoom in to capture the texture of your subject that your focus is sharp throughout so the image becomes tactile in design.

Start practicing today, try something new, or show us how you’ve already photographed the texture of a subject or scene. Post your photographs to the Focus-on-Foto-Fun page on FB at, and remember to tag your posts with #focusonfotofun and #textureaddsinterest. When posting to IG, please tag me too, @georgiamichalicek so I’m sure to see your photos there.

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