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Join me for Focus-on-Foto-Fun

I’ve decided to challenge myself – and my photographic skills – by breaking out of the mold of landscape photography. Not that I will ever stop doing landscape photography because it is what I love – Travel, Nature, being Outdoors, Exploring new places, and connecting with the Sacred elements that create it All. However, I have been doing landscape photography for awhile now, and I find the idea of a photographic project enticing me to try something new. Since I’m not quite certain what that project will be yet, I’ve decided to do a new type of photographic study. I’m going to pick a theme, or new skill set I’d like to explore with my camera, and take photos that align with that theme from my creative perspective, and publish them in this blog. I’ll do my best to talk about my experience, and add some tips that I found useful along the way. And, no, I’m not going to go crazy and make myself do something new every day. I’m going to take my time and in-JOY the process. I may post a new theme as often as once a week, but if I’m traveling, for instance, there will be longer times between new themes – and posts.

Here’s the plan. I’d love to have you join me!! Some of you have asked me technical questions about the cameras you have, some have wished you could tag along on my photo shoots even though you’re far away, and many of you simply share how much you like my photographs. Those of you who are already experts at taking photographs might just like to mix it up, too. So here’s your chance to take a few shots while playing with photography. Let’s make it FUN!

Theme Number One is “Patterns”

Patterns can be found everywhere – in nature, architecture, people on a dance floor, and even in the sea. As an example, in this photograph taken from an airplane, Alaskan mud flats are being washed by the tide into waves of color that’s repeated over and over again. By focusing my camera in closely, or cropping in post-processing, the image becomes abstract instead of showing a more realistic view of the entire scene. I won’t stop there, though. I’ll be out this week looking for more beauty in patterns, and I hope you will be, too!

I’ll be posting these Focus-on-Foto-Fun blog posts to my Raw Elements Photography Facebook page, plus posting them here on my website, and as we go along, I’ll be getting them up on Instagram, Twitter, maybe even LinkedIn or Google+. If you follow me or tag me, I’ll see your photographs, too. Here are the links to some of my social media sites:

Website          Raw Elements Photography/blog

We can share our insights, frustrations, JOY,  – or just our photographs – and then, play some more. It’s all online, so there’s no pressure, but when you’re ready, feel free to take a risk and try something new. It’s up to you how often you post.

Let’s just remember to keep it interesting and never obscene or gross, please. I do like beauty in photography. Let your creativity flow, and take the time to see things differently. You can use whatever camera you own. Even cell phone cameras work well for photos on the go, and the more we shoot, the more we’ll all know what we’re capable of creating when we break out of the mold.

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