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Georgia Michalicek has honed her skills as a photographer throughout her life, using her camera in a broad range of professions including advertising, graphic design, newspaper publishing, marketing, and online learning. However, for Michalicek, the life and creativity of a photographer is ever-expanding, and when she chose to show her photographs as fine art after moving to Arizona, she also began to garner awards in local, state, and national art exhibitions and photography competitions.

In 2016, Michalicek was honored to show thirty-one of her photographs in a solo photography exhibit she titled, Joyful Elements, at the Herberger Theater Center Art Gallery in Phoenix, AZ. She describes Joyful Elements as, “A window to the inner joy that touches the heart and enlivens the imagination when viewing the intimate detail found in the grand vistas and sacred places of the Southwest.” Additional awards include being recognized by Arizona Highways Magazine as a Finalist in the 2014–2015 Photography Contest, receiving two Awards of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International in 2013 and 2014, and placing third in the Professional Photography category at the 2014 Sedona Arts Center Juried Members Exhibit. A complete list of Michalicek’s accomplishments as a Fine Art Photographer can be seen here.

Michalicek’s photographs feature the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and how these elements intermingle to create the beauty found everywhere in nature. Michalicek also exhibits Arizona wildlife photographs, and was the Featured Artist at The Gallery in Williams, AZ during the month of May 2017. A fine art photographer who has specialized in Southwest Landscapes Photography, she has expanded her offerings to include photographs taken on her Magical Mystery Tour of the Pacific Northwest, and more recently on a self-led tour through the Great Smoky Mountains.

Michalicek welcomes requests to customize the selection of a fine art print for your home or office from any of her collections, and can be reached by calling 928-699-3316, or by email at rep@rawelementsphotography.com.

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